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Our law firm represents school districts, charter schools, colleges and universities, municipalities, park districts and other local governments throughout Illinois.  We know this client base well, know its particular needs and problems, and understand the special, often highly-charged environment in which it operates. We are committed to the success of local government entities. Our clients tell us our high level of commitment is exceptional... we hope you'll consider finding out for yourself.

With 36 attorneys in three state-of-the-art offices in Arlington Heights, Peoria and O'Fallon, we are large enough to meet any or all of our clients' legal needs, yet not so large that any client's need is ever overlooked.  Contact us today!


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Model Policies



Federal Agencies Permitted to Issue "Interpretive Rules" Without Public Notice and Comment

Discrimination on the Basis of Transgender Status Prohibited


Federal Court Upholds Assistant Principal Suspension and Nonrenewal against Claim of Retaliation and Sex Discrimination


Supreme Court to Review School District Zoning Case

Illinois Supreme Court Upholds Dismissal of Taxpayers' Lawsuit Alleging Improper Transfer from working Cash Fund

Governor Eliminates Mandatory Fair Share Dues for State Employees/School Employees Not Immediately Impacted

Measles Cases Confirmed in Illinois/School Protocol Requirements

School Districts Required to File Bullying Policies with Illinois State Board of Education by April 15, 2105

DHS HIPAA Compliance Audits May Impact School Districts


Inconsistencies in Termination Decision Wipe out Employer's Victory

Three Sangrias at Dinner Doesn't Warrant Dismissal

Measles Exclusion Protocol